Korail Pass : Travel to Korea by train - Korea Tourism Organization

Korail Pass is a rail pass for foreigners visiting Korea. Since it allows a pass holder to take almost all trains operated by KORAIL in a selected period time, it is the most economical choice.

Make a pleasure time in Korea with Korail Pass?


- Normal Pass     : for adults and children
- Saver Pass     : for a group of 2 to 5 persons with the same travel schedule
- Youth Pass    : for those ages between 13 and 25 or students holding ISIC card
- Children from 4 to those under 12 are charge 50% of a regular adult fare
- Free ride for children under age 4 when accompanied by one guardian who pays a regular adult fare

How to Use

Available options
- KTX, KTX-Sancheon, ITX Samaeul, ITX-CheongChun, Samaeul, Mugunghwa, Nuriro, O-V-S-G-A-DMZ-train
  * SRT, metro, temporary tourist trains are not included.

Things to Remember
1.    Korail Pass is valid only from the first date of travel to registered date of travel
2.    You should pre-select the first date of travel within 90 days from your purchase date in advanced.
       - Prior to the pre-selected date of travel, only 1 time of changing the first date of travel is allowed.
3.    Book a seat at ‘My Reservation’. Select the date and seat you want within pre-selected date of travel.
       - Seat selection is allowed 1 month prior to your boarding date.
4.    Returning a Korail Pass entails a service fee.

5.    To board a train, you need to bring your Korail Pass, valid passport, and train ticket with a confirmed seat. YOUTH Pass users with ISIC holders must entail ISIC card.
6.    In the case of unlawful use of a Korail Pass, a regular fare plus 10 times of the value of ticket of fines are imposed.

Contact : Railway CS center  082 – 1599 – 7777  / 082 – 1544 – 7788