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Korea and Turkey celebrate 60th year of their friendship

Year 2017 is being celebrated as the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relationship between Republic of Turkey and Republic of Korea.

The ties between two countries have started when Turkey sent troops under the command of UN to Korea during The Korean War (1950-1053).

This friendly relationship has continued growingly after the war, not only in political sense, but also culturally and economically. Through the years, as cultural ties have gained strength, commercial bounds have also continually developed. Thanks to the free trade agreement signed in 2012, bilateral trade volume has increased up to USD 6.1 billion.

This friendship, supporting collaborations in diverse areas, has peaked up by 2017 as it was mutually announced as “Turkish-Korea Culture Year”.  This celebration of friendship started in “Turkish-Korea Culture Year” and spreading by different cultural activities in both of the countries will increase its size incrementally in following years.