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What is Koreastay?

Koreastay is a Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) brand that certifies city accommodations. Visitors take advantage of experience Korean culture and lifestyle by living with a Korean family through selected homestays and guesthouses.

This indigenous opportunity is an excellent starting point for cultural immersion during the visit to Korea. Koreastay hosts generally serve in major metropolitan cities and tourist sites throughout Korea, and they are well-prepared to welcome their foreign guests with the best possible ways, including comfortable accommodation, home-cooked meals, and local travel information.

Koreastay hosts are carefully selected after undergoing strict assessment of such criteria as residential environment, guestroom & cleanliness, mindset, service and convenience.

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Koreastay Contact Info:
Accommodation Improvement Team / Koreastay
Tel: +82–33-738-3627
E-mail: koreastay@knto.or.kr