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Thanks to the major breakthroughs in last 20 years, Korean entertainment industry became popular in international culture arena. A consistent rise called Hallyu (Korean wave), which started in the beginning of 21st century and first affected Asia and then whole world, made Korea one of the prominent countries in popular culture and entertainment; while contributing to Korean economy. Hallyu, denoting Korean TV series, films, and music, has been so effective that now there are almost 1000 fan clubs and 10 million active followers around the world. As to 2013 reports, even in Turkey there are 150.000 devoted fans.

TV Series
Korean series of Hallyu has an important effect on Asian popular culture. These series, also known as K-Drama, are produced generally in romantic comedy, drama or science fiction genres; and distributed to every corner of the world.

Korea, hosting international events such as Busan International Film Festival, Bucheon International Fantastic Films Festival, Jeonju International Film Festival, is attracting attention by feature films produced in the country.  One of the best indicators of this interest is Hollywood’s attempts to remake Korean movies, which has been highly praised thanks to their original and striking stories and plots.

K-Pop is probably the most known and the most powerful field of Hallyu. It is a combination of dance, ballad, electronic, R&B, and hiphop genres with or without Korean lyrics. K-Pop is accepted as a subculture in which visuality is also in the foreground as much as music.