47th Korea Tourism Photo Contest - Preselection - Korea Tourism Organization

47th Korea Tourism Photo Contest - Preselection

47th Korea Tourism Photo Contest - Preselection

Do you want to share most vivid and exciting moments in Korea?

Then join 47th Korea Tourism Photo Contest, get a chance of winning special awards as well as having the world see Korea through your eyes.

You may participate to our contest by sending the photos you took in 2019 in Korea to ktoistanbul.etkinlik@gmail.com e-mail address. Do not forget to write “2019 KTO Photo Contest” to subject section and your name, phone number, address, the date and the place of your photo on body.   

First 30 entrants will be given special gifts, and 4 entrants will get the chance to attend to Main Contest in Korea.

How to Submit : Online
Submission Period : 16-31 July 2019

Preselection Result Announcement Date : 7 August 2019
Main Contest Results Announcement  Date : 20 August 2019

Rules & Regulations
- The photo must be original, unpublished, not be awarded in other competitions & contests.
- The photo must be in JPG format and in high resolution.
- The photo must be eligible to participate to the contest and to be used afterwards in accordance with copyright laws. Entrant shall bear sole and exclusive responsibility for      consequences arising from infringement of such rights and laws.
- Property rights of awarded photos, including the use images in any shape or form for promotion, publication, distribution will be held by KTO

Preselection Awards
- Selfie stick and luggage belt for first 30 entrants
- Backpack and luggage for selected 4 entrants

Main Contest Awards
- Certificate of Achievement and round-trip ticket to Korea for 3 entrants
- Certificate of Achievement and a gift worth of USD250 for 7 entrants

For detailed info and your queries: ktoisrael@hotmail.com